I want Wayside School Island on Poptropica. Wayside School is 30 stories tall with 1 classroom on each story.



  • Mrs. Gorf (the evil teacher with a snake tongue and elf ears)
  • Mrs. Jewls (the nice teacher with pink hair)
  • Miss Zarves (the non-existent teacher on the non-existent 19th story)
  • Louis (the yard teacher)
  • Dr. Pickle (the doctor who hypnotizes kids with a green pickle shaped stone to help kids with their problems)
  • Miss Mush (the lunch lady)
  • Principal Kidswatter (the principal)


  • Humans
    • Joe (the kid with the afro)
    • Sharie (the girl with a blue hoodie and long eyelashes who sleeps a lot)
    • Todd (the kid of routine, order, and habit)
    • Bebe (the fast drawer)
    • Calvin (Bebe's assistant)
    • Myron (the class president)
    • Maurecia (the girl who likes ice cream)
    • Paul (the boy who pulls Leslie's pigtails and can't help it)
    • Dana (the girl with glasses)
    • Jason (the troublemaker)
    • Rondi (the girl missing her two front teeth)
    • Deedee (the mousey looking girl)
    • D.J. (the very happy boy with the biggest smile)
    • John (the upside down kid)
    • Leslie (the girl with viking hair)
    • Kathy (the kid villainess)
    • Ron (a lousy kickball player)
    • Eric Fry (the tall fat Eric)
    • Eric Bacon (the short skinny Eric)
    • Eric Ovens (the short fat Eric)
    • Allison (Rondi's best friend)
    • Dameon (the kid who is seen running up and down the stairs)
    • Jenny (the daredevil girl)
    • Terrence (the kid who likes kicking balls over the fence)
    • Joy (the girl who bullies Todd)
    • Mac (his name is formerly Nancy)
    • Nancy (her name is formerly Mac)
    • Stephen (the kid who always wears a halloween costume)
    • Benjamin Nushmutt (the boy that the kids think is Mark Miller)
  • Animals
    • Sammy (the deceased rat)
    • Medusa (the girl who's a snake)
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