Tony Quickfire

Tony in his debut cutscene

"I think I've got it!" - Tony's first quote in Clockwork Island.

Tony Quickfire is a character and the main antagonist of Clockwork Island.

Impact to StoryEdit

Tony is first seen in Inventors United, one of the island's Scenes, realizing what's been going wrong with his machine. After fixing it, Tony sees the player and welcomes them. He then invites the player to have a drink or two. Tony then explains his machine and it's purpose to the player, hoping that it can make him famous and have the machine be able to be put in most homes as an everyday item.

After learning that Tony is behind the plan to frame Adam Spark, the player is confronted by Tony and a battle starts. (For battle info, see Battle 1.) Tony is defeated, and he flees. He is shortly caught by the "police" after.

It turns out that the "police" were just cronies in Tony's plan dressed as cops, and Tony is not actually under arrest. Tony appears again, prompting another battle (see Battle 2.) which Tony fails and is caught by actual police. Before Tony is cuffed, he kicks over the island medal and leaves with the police behind him.

Battle 1Edit

The battle is similar to Sir Rebral's from Super Power Island. Tony will throw objects at you which you have to dodge. There are shields at the corners of the area. You must hide behind them when Tony throws a brick to they can bounce back at him. This is repeated 3 times before Tony is stunned for a second and runs off.

Battle 2Edit

The battle has 3 parts to it. The first part has the battle from Battle 1 only done once. The second part has Tony running away. You must keep up with him. If he goes off the screen for more than 5 seconds, you start the battle again. The third part has Tony jumping on an airship and you jumping on a plane. The person controlling the plane gets you onto the same level as Tony's airship. The battle then plays out similar to Speedy Spike's from Super Power Island. You must tempt Tony into running across the airship. There are 5 sections overall, and if Tony manages to hit you he runs back to the start of that section. You end the battle when you successfully guide Tony onto the edge of the Airship and he falls off. He is still alive after the fall, even though if it were to happen in real life Tony would have died.

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