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Squeezy Fox explores the islands of Poptropica. He is the star of Adventures in Poptropica. He explored Early Poptropica Island, Shark Tooth Island, and Time Tangled Island alone, and his sister, Floppy Rabbit, joined him in the middle his exploration of 24 Carrot Island, and she came along for his exploration of all the other islands.


Squeezy Fox looks like a regular Poptropican. He has messy gray hair (his true hair color is brown), a yellow shirt with an orange star on the front, and blue pants with a belt. His tongue sticks out of his mouth when he isn't talking.


Squeezy Fox is very fun-loving and athletic. He likes to explore the islands of Poptropica.


  • He was hr's first Poptropican, but hr didn't save the game and left Squeezy Fox stuck on Time Tangled Island.
  • Every Poptropican hr has used since has Squeezy Fox's appearance.