Speed City Island is a Sonic Riders themed island where Speed is the key to winning the Poptropican Hoverboard Grand Prix.

New CharactersEdit

  • Boom Bomb The Great-A champion cheater in the PH Grand Prix. He works with his team,The Cheater Winners.
  • Galaxy Sam-A team member of The Cheater winners. He is a Texas born bad guy with cheats up his sleeve.
  • Connie C.W. Ensquire-Boom Bomb's girlfriend and the 3rd member of The Cheater Winners.
  • Hover A. Lukus-The first member of your team,The Poptropica Stars.
  • Hedgeek-The 3rd member of your team.

Walkthrough Part 1Edit

  • Go to Speed City Island
  • Walk to the booth that says "Poptropican Hoverboard Grand Prix Signups" and enter your name into the Poptropica Stars team.
  • The robot operating the stand will tell you to go to the Macha Board Hotel and find Room 1002.
  • Head left to Prix Avenue.
  • 3 streaks of light pass by (they are green,gray,and purple).
  • You fall down because of your dizzyness.
  • When you come to,you see the Babylon Rouges from Sonic Riders. Jet says that your nothing but a plump of dirt.
  • They leave. Continue to the hotel.
  • Walk into the hotel and check in at the Front Desk. Mecha Sonic should be sitting there.
  • Tell him that you need to go with the Poptropica Stars.
  • Mecha Sonic tells you that their in 1002 with Team Heroes/Sonic.
  • Take the elevator up to 1002.
  • The elevator breaks.
  • Find a way out of the elevator.
  • Sonic cuts through the elevator doors and frees you.
  • You head up the stairs with Sonic.
  • You get to your room. Go to bed.

Walkthrough Part 2Edit

  • You wake up.
  • Go get Breakfest.
  • Leave the hotel and head to the racetrack.
  • Talk to Hover and Hedgeek.
  • The race will start soon. Pick out your hoverboard.
  • The annoucer shouts that the race is starting.

Race:Poptropica Stars vs. Cheater Winners.

  • You're almost to the finish when Galaxy Sam knocks you off track.
  • "Hey! That's cheating!" you shout at him.
  • "Finders Keepers,Losers Weepers!" Sam shouts back.
  • The next race begins. This time you play as Team Sonic/Heroes.

Race:Team Sonic vs.Cheater Winners

  • Team Sonic wins the race.
  • Connie,Galaxy Sam,and Boom Bomb start grunting and moaning.
  • The next race begins. You play as both hero teams.

Final Race:Team Heroes & Poptropica Stars vs. Babylon Rouges and Cheater Winners.

  • The heroes win.
  • The evil teams moan,grunt,stomp,and lose their temper.
  • You win the medal and 100 Poptropican Credits.
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