Reality TV Island 2 is an island where a bomb will blow up the winner. A secret agent gives you a suit to be resistant to the bomb, but only you can use it. You must win to prevent damage to any of the other players.

New Contestants:

  1. Shy Sky
  2. Magic Socks
  3. Annie
  4. Jack
  5. The Princess of Arturus
  6. Mr. Rosa
  7. Finn
  8. Jake
  9. Madmoseille Moreau
  10. CJ
  11. Fiona
  12. Dr. Spyglass
  13. Rowley

New CharactersEdit

  • Techno Tom-A guy addicted to technology.
  • Bragging Bob-A guy who brags about everything.
  • Mr. Homeschool-A guy who was homeschooled.
  • Johnny Boy-A guy who's dad owns a train.
  • Melvin Glasses- A know-it-all.

New ChallengesEdit

  • The Great Vehicle Race-A game where you must ride a vehicle to the finish.
  • Kick the Plug-A pogo-stick game where you must bounce and kick the plug.
  • Trampoline the Highest-You must move your mouse down and release to try to bounce the highest.
  • Rubber Fist-A game where you must run to the finish line and avoid the rubber fists trying to punch you.
  • Get the Villain-A game where you must use your gadgets to swing into the villain's hangout and fight him.
  • Knockout 2-The sequel to Knockout where you use cannons instead of slingshots, cannonballs instead of rocks, and ships instead of plates.
  • Geyser Guess 2-The sequel to Geyser Guess where you must walk to the platform you think won't disappear.
  • Coconut Catch 2-The sequel to Coconut Catch where you must avoid the dynamite, bombs, poison-o-nuts, and spikes. You must get the single coconuts, three-fer coconuts, five-fer coconuts, and ten-fer coconuts.
  • Find the Button-A game where you must find the diamond button in a fog.
  • Avoid the Traps-Traps come at you and you must either get to the finish line before anyone else does, or let everyone else get trapped.
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