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purple is a poptropican werewolf adventureing with her follower dog unwanted travel poptropica. sometimes even serching for ballon boy...sometimes


purple hardly chances her outfit but on usally wheres a puffy purple skirt and a white vest. she weres a purple werewolf shirt and sword. she also wears black combat boots. she has a blond curly bang to covering the fur on her cheeks. her fur is hot pink.


purple is very shy around boys and can be sassy and talks make. she is adventerous and loves to make friends. she loves to go on new islands but get's scare when she does boss battles.


night vison-on early poptroica unwanted ask her why don't she use her night vison. purple replys by saying that useing a glow stiick makes it fun.

very graceful-on islands and boss battles she can be very graceful hich makes it hard for the villans

can surive the cold-on time tarvel island when she and unwanted cimb the mountian a man ask her why she doesn't have a jackect on. she saids she her fur is her jackect.

other outfits thought islands[]

early poptropica island- purple wheres a purple werewolf riped top and a purple riped skirt and black high tops.


  1. ====='so this is poptropica? nice island just the hair...ew.  =====
  2. a giant huh? don't see that everyday
  3. cool a medal! I got to get more of this! to the next island!

jacket? who's needs a jacket when I have fur.


  • so far purple completed only 3 islands now
  • purple dosen't like black window because she doesn't like wolves
  • purple knows tons of lauguges