This Is An Island (Like Annoying Orange Through Time) But It's Changed To Poptropica. Yes, It IS Like Time Tangled.

Periods In TimeEdit

  • 145 Million Years Ago: Dinosaurs Vs. Meteor
  • 1752: Benjamin Franklin's Kite/Lightning Experiment
  • 1912: Titanic Sinks

Through Time 2 Next Up!

At cost after the dinasours a meteor hits you in a ship that leads you to 1752,After that you are in the ships hospital to get cured, but to get out, You need to find and drink 4 glasses of water.The fitfh one is on the bed. Grab it and find the power holder , then spill the water on it a nurse gives you a protection suit when you spill it on minutes later it blows up when its done,(Complete your time mission)You will get a medal and a nurse dress(boys get shirt and shorts)

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