Poptropica Racing! is an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS, and you can also download it on your computer. Well, not really since it's fanon. Anyway, it's kind of like Mario Kart, but with Poptropica characters and courses, and a lot of added features that make the game great!

Gameplay Edit

In this game, there is single-player mode and multiplayer mode. In single-player, you can play sets of 4 courses known as {insert awesome name here}, or you can race yourself on whatever course you want to beat your record, and other people's records around the world. There is also a Story Mode that can only be played in single player. (More info on that below.) In multiplayer, you can connect your device with others nearby, or go on WiFi connection and race against people from around the world.

Story Mode Edit

Courses/Tracks Edit

Medallion Cup:

  1. Early Poptropica Raceway

Characters Edit

There are 12 starter characters, and 12 characters you can unlock by playing Story Mode. There are also 6 DLC characters that must be downloaded with real money. Each character has a different weight (light, medium, or heavy) that affects stats such as speed. Also, each character has a different kart color.

Starter Characters:

  • Your Poptropican- Light-weight, any color
  • Dr. Hare- Light-weight, orange kart
  • Black Widow- Medium-weight, red kart
  • Binary Bard- Heavy-weight, purple kart
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