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Poptropica: Secret of the Totems is an upcoming island, set to release in September 2017 for Super Villain Island's 5th Anniversary, along with Poptropica's 10th Birthday. This island is a prequel to SVI, and ultimately the plots of many Poptropica Islands. It's plot revolves around your Poptropican going back in time to the 1990s to see what really made the Returning Four (Dr. Hare, Black Widow, Binary Bard, and Captain Crawfish) evil, and how they got their villain totems.


In Poptropica, your Poptropican, brave as can be, defeated many, many villains. Most of those villains were just, well, bad. They chose to be, and most don't plan on changing. But after saving every other island, you realize something. You remember the events of Super Villain Island, and how the Returning Four were bad becuase of some villain totems stuck in their dreams and nightmares. Of how you removed the totems and made them good. And that it was really Zeus trying to take over Poptropica. But, why would he only choose those four people if mabye every other villain has a totem? Well, at that second, you realize that those four were the only one's who did. But, you just have even more questions. How did they get them? Why are the totems so powerful? What if...? You could ask Zeus, but he's stuck in the Dream Machine. The only way is to go back in time. So, you decide to leave your house on Home Island and find out the truth.

You head to Time Tangled Island, where you ask Proffessor Pendulum, who finally returned from his 10-year long vacation to Shark Tooth Island, if you can use his new and improved time machine, so that you wouldn't mess up history. He says he will give it to you only of you do some favors for him. You accept the task. After going to a store, delievering a letter, and cleaning the beach, he lends you the time machine. You head to sometime in the 1990s...

To Be Continued...