Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher are building a rollercoaster, so kids from Danville, and all over Poptropica are going on the rollercoaster or, "Coolest Coaster Ever". Explore the town of Danville in the Coolest Island Ever. You can say hi to Isabella's chihuahua, Pinky, explore Agent P's Lair, and fight Doofenshmirtz. Speaking of Doof and Agent P... You also fall out of the coaster into Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. So, you have to help Agent P escape his trap, fight Doofenshmirtz, and make it to Phineas and Ferb as Perry safely. There's also a minigame where you have to help Candace bust her brothers. The game is called "Mom Look". A song plays, and you have to play the first 2 verses correctly. If you do, you get to ride the rollercoaster again. You can even get a Perry Follower (or Agent P Follower), Phineas costume, Ferb costume, Irving's glasses, Agent P's fedora, and Pinky Follower. And of course, a meddalion with a picture of a rollercoaster and secret agent hat on it.There's even a secret portal to another PnF Island. It's called PnF's Atlantis Island. You get transported to the Danville Beach. To be continued on a page called "PnF's Atlantis Island".



Phineas Flynn

Ferb Fletcher

Candace Flynn

Linda Flynn

Perry the Platypus (Agent P)

Isabella Garcia Shapiro

Pinky the Chihuahua

Buford Van Stomm

Baljeet Rai

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

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