Plant-Like Pizazz is the sequel to Rocky-Rumble Island.

  • Go to Plant-Like Pizazz Island.
  • Talk to the scientist. He'll give you Plantuarine.
  • Battle his Plantabie. If you win, he'll give you it. Plantabie's strong, so win.
  • The kid from Rocky Rumble Island will throw out Plantom. Throw out Plantuarine and use Plant Juice.
  • Plant Juice is weak, so use Ground Root which will pull Plantom in the ground.
  • Plantom's a phantom-like creature, so he'll use Plant-A-Dust O which is plant gas.
  • Plantuarine is almost KO'ed, so throw out Plantabie and capture Plantuarine again.
  • Use Plant-A-Dust O on Plantom, which will have almost no effect.
  • Plantom will use Vine Bomb. Use Countervine to counter the attack and KO Plantom.
  • The kid will throw out Seeder, which is a bouncing seed throwing creature.
  • Seeder will throw seed bombs at you. Countervine only counters attacks, so tell Plantabie to dodge them.
  • Use Vine Whisk to wrap up Seeder. It will only wrap up the ball. Seeder can't bounce anymore. Weak spot ahead.
  • Attack all you can at the ball. Seeder will use Countervine, so you will get KO'ed.
  • Throw out Plantuarine and use Plant Capture to steal the ball.
  • Plantuarine is now a bouncing creature. Attack and you will win. Plantuarine will also evolve into Aplant, which is a green apple covered with vines.
  • Heal your creatures. Train Aplant against Plantabie. No energy is lost in a practice battle.
  • Go to the Plant Boss and climb up a vine. The Plant Boss will throw out Veedult, which is the evolved version of Plantabie.
  • Throw out Aplant and use Apple Eye to shoot juicy arrows at Veedult. Veedult will use Boss Shield to block it, then use Plant Whip.
  • Veedult will be whisking Aplant around. Tell Aplant to use Plant Capture to steal the vine.
  • Tell Aplant to use the vine as a propellor and use Apple Eye and then Plant Capture. You will have the shield and vine to block and attack.
  • Veedult will use Leaf Gust, launching leaves at Aplant. Block some of them with Boss Shield.
  • The Boss Shield will get knocked off and Aplant will get KO'ed. Throw out Plantabie. He will automatically use Super Vine Smash then evolve into Veedult.
  • The Plant Boss' Veedult will get KO'ed. He will throw out Rooleaf, the evolved form of Seeder. Rooleaf is a kangaroo covered with leaves.
  • Use Leaf Gust. Rooleaf will jump over that attack and all the others.
  • Use Super Vine Smash, but aim it up. Rooleaf will jump up and get KO'ed.
  • You won the medallion!
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