PB&J Otter Island is a fanon Poptropica island. It is based off the Playhouse Disney cartoon, PB&J Otter, created by Jim Jinkins. It has been inspired by Wimpy Wonderland Island.


Help the Lake Hoohawians find Scootch Raccoon and Baby Butter Otter so the Otter & Raccoon family can continue picking for babbleberries!

Walkthrough (WIP)Edit

  • Go to Main Street and go to the right until you reach Pinch. Chat with her. She'll say, "Scootch, my little brother, and Butter, PB&J's baby sister, have gone missing! Can you help us?! Pretty please, with a cherry and sprinkles on top?!". Select yes, and then she'll say they were last found somewhere near Babbleberry Hill. Go to your left.
  • Talk to Opal Otter. She'll say that she doesn't know what to do since Butter has gone missing. Jelly interrupts her and suggests everyone should do a Noodle Dance. This is where a minigame will begin.
  • This is the minigame. Easy at first, but it starts to get a bit harder. Use the arrow keys to dance. It is required you get a successful rating (which is "Outstanding").
  • A lightbulb will appear above Peanut Otter's head. "I got it! Butter really loves swimming, so try swimming in the lake." He will offer you a scuba gear, and it will be added to your inventory.
  • Put the scuba gear on, head to your right, go to the back of PB&J's houseboat, and hop in the lake. You're now underwater.
  • Look for a sticky note (which is inside a large sand castle. This is tricky to find). Warning: You have a stamina bar. If it runs out, your Poptropican drowns, and you have to restart the game all over again.
  • The note, which is a scribble, will be added to your inventory. Sprint back to Babbleberry Hill, and talk to Jelly Otter.
  • "I found a note. It has a bunch of scribbles. What does this mean?" your Poptropican will ask.
  • "It looks like Butter drew it! She must be at the other side of the lake, AKA the Snooties' house." Jelly says.
  • "The Snooties? Who are they?"
  • "They are rich poodles. Now, get over there! Scootch and Butter are probably causing trouble!"
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