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Nice Sky (a.k.a. Skylar) is a top agent of the P.I.A.

Nice Sky (Skylar)








Speedy Seal, Hannah Kendall, Alex Hippo, Silver Star, C.J., Angry Thunder, Shy Leaf


Dr. Hare, Director D, Black Widow, Holmes, El Mustatchio, Mordred, Mademoiselle Mondeau




Adopted Father, adopted sisters and brothers, Blu (Pet), Fang (pet), Spike (pet)


Top secret agent


Skylar has a dark tan skin with dark brown, long, wavy hair and a bang that covers half of her eye. She also wears long, silver hoop earrings. Her shirt is one-shouldered and light-blue and has a short black vest with a black fasion belt and a short black skirt.

When at the beach, she wears either a strapless orange bikini with an orange skort as a bottom with small golden hoop earrings and orange sunglasses with a white pearl necklace, or a lavender strapless bikini with a white and lavender top with a black-and-white polka dotted belt, two pink highlights, and a white pearl necklace with a pink starfish on it.

When she was little, Skylar wore a light-blue shirt with a peace sign on it and a black skort. Her hair was straight and in two ponytails.


When Skylar was little, her father died of heart cancer. Heartbroken, her mother went into a deep depression and could no longer care for Skylar. She abandoned her child in the middle of Counterfeit Island, whereas she found her adopted father. She didn't know the truth of her childhood until she was ten, in which she ran away from home for a week to find her real mother. This failed, and she returned home to accept her adoption.

She became a P.I.A. (Poptropican Investigation Association) agent when another former top agent saw Skylar's abilities and strength on Early Poptropica Island. This agent took her to the P.I.A. headquarters, and she began her training. Everyday, she told her father she was going to school or hanging out with friends, but really and secretly going to the headquarters of the P.I.A. She soon became a top agent and met up with her three main pets, Blu from Rio ad, Spike from Barbie Fasion Show ad, and Fang the bat, on her journeys. She is the oldest child of five children in her family, along with two cousins. Her father and younger siblings live next to CJ's apartment on Avenue A on Shrink Ray Island.


Skylar is a very kind, yet competitive, kind of Poptropican. She is usually seen as the main agent on helping islands and/or one of the undercovers of the operation. She is strong, usually able to hold her own in battle, very convincing, a master in disguise, and very aggressive at times.

Besides this, if she trusts you, she is very kind, caring, and compassionate towards others.


  • She has competed all of the Poptropica Islands so far.