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N.E.R.D.S. Island is the 22nd Poptropican Island, which is based around the NERDS series by Michael Buckley. It was announced on June 26th,2012, along with a bonus pack for non-members and members, as well as a bonus quest.


Heathcliff Hodges (a.k.a Simon, Screwball, and Choppers) has made a machine that will put all of Poptropica under his control. You are to join the NERDS, stop Screwball, and save Poptropica from being controlled by Heathcliff! For the first time ever, Poptropica Members and Non-Members can play the Bonus Quest! Screwball may be defeated, but his goon, Dumb Vinci,(A play on Da Vinci) has released the Villain Virus onto 4 Poptropica Islands. Can you save all the islands from disaster?


  • Your Poptropican
  • Jackson Jones (Braceface)
  • Matilda Choi (Wheezer)
  • Gerdie Baker (Mathlete)
  • Juilo Escala (Flinch)
  • Duncan Dewey (Gluestick)
  • Heathcliff Hodges (Simon,Brainstorm,Choppers,and Screwball)
  • Ruby Peet (Pufferfish)
  • Mindy Beauchamp (The Hyena)
  • Agent Alexander Brand
  • The Lunch Lady
  • Dumb Vinci
  • Ms. Lisa Holiday
  • Benjamin
  • Albert Nesbitt
  • Getrude Nesbitt


Main Quest[]

  • Duncan's Backpack
  • Choco-Lot Bars
  • Benjamin Orb
  • Oil Can
  • Pizza
  • Nunchuks
  • NERDS Teleporter Version 1.2
  • Wrench
  • Wires
  • "A Strange Journey Back"
  • "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"
  • Submarine Keys
  • Jackson's Extra Braces
  • Matilda's Jet Pack Inhalers
  • Flinch's Harness
  • Poptross Army Knife

Bonus Quest[]

  • All items found on Big Nate Island (not including Peanut Butter Crackers and Bubble Gum)
  • Laser Watch
  • Robotomy Gears
  • AI Reader
  • Wires
  • Wrench
  • Benjamin Orb
  • All items found on Super Power Island (excluding Superhero Handbook)
  • All items found on Shrink Ray Island
  • Growth Ray
  • Glider
  • Slealth Pack
  • All items found on Sonic the Hedgehog Island 2.

Store Pack[]

  • Buck Teeth Hypnotiser
  • Benjamin Bubble Gum
  • NERDS Agent Costume (Male/Female)