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Mlle. Moreau was a french reporter and celebrity. She owned a big house, with many maids.The oldest was a ten turning eleven year old girl, who's name was Adelade LeBlanc, but everyone called her Adele. Her hair was dark chocolate brown and her eyes were navy blue. She was very small and thin for her age, and was almost starved to death every day as she gave most of her food to the younger children. The youngest maid was two.

As the Chicago Worlds Fair came, Adele wanted no more than to go. Her eleventh birthday was on the day of the fair's opening, and the Ferris Wheel was the main event, She had heard about it millions of times, and it seemed far superior to the Effiel Tower, ehich she passed every day on errands. She knew she had no chance, hor her mistress grimaced at the very thought of the wheel, and

Suddenly, Mlle Moreau called for all her maids. "Today, I am leaving on a ship for the World's Fair. I have decided you all will pack my bags, and Adelade will accompany me, as she is the most well behaved of all of you." Adele was so happy she couldn't breathe.

A few weeks later, Mlle Moreau and Adele were at the train station. Two days before, they had gotten off the Liberty and made their way to Washington DC. Adele was in Mlle. Moreau's daughter's best gown, with her hair up in a very fancy hat.

Adele saw a man trying to lift up a heavy crate. Adele ran up to him and quickly helped him put the luggage on the train.

"Oh, how kind of you" said the man "I am Thomas Edison. Would you like to travel to Chicago with me? I could probably use your assistance again."

Adele shook her head. "I can't. I'm traveling with Mlle Moreau, a french reporter."

"Your mother?" Thomas asked.

"No, I am her maid, Adele Leblanc. She dressed me up in this so I will look respectable on the train. She treats me horribily, making me do the hardest work in clothes that are almost too small."Adele moaned.