Mr. Deacon
"I sure hope they're alright... The last time this happened, I was in school."
Species Poptropican
Island Dimensional Warp Island
Character Type Indifferent
Gender Male
Mr. Deacon is the father of Mavis and Marvin Deacon. He can be found on the Main Street of Dimensional Warp Island, outside the school, waiting to pick up his kids from school.

Characteristics Edit

Deacon is anxious, scared for his kids while they're inside the school. He wears a scruffy button down shirt untucked. He is balding, and has a worried expression on his face.

Storyline Edit

You find Mr. Deacon outside the school, waiting for his kids to come out. He tells you that he would go get them, but they say that they're fine and that they'll be down soon.

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