Plot== On this island, you and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart must reverse time and keep an important event in Mozart's lifetime from happening. First, you have to visit the Mozart Museum, go downstairs to the lab where Dr. Timelocity is waiting for you. He will tell you about his time machine and special objects that need to power it to go back in time. He will give you a list of the objects and a watch. You then go back in time to Mozart's childhood. Then you go to Salzburg, a city in Austria. After that, you visit Vienna, another city is Austria. The following scene is one of Mozart's greatest operas: Don Giovanni. The last scene is a concert where Mozart disappears and you have to take control of the orchestra. You get everything needed for the time machine, and you then go to Mozart's most famous opera: The Magic Flute. It is split into 3 hidden object finds where you find Mozart. The villan, Herr Greenwald, who is jealous of Mozart is arrested and you get the island medallion.


  • You
  • Mozart ( Wolfie) 
  • Herr Greenwald
  • Dr Timelocity
  • Ben
  • Pope 
  • Mozart's father
  • Nun
  • Archbishop of Salzburg
  • Salzburg Sounds Orchestra Members
  • Coach Driver
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