Poptropica Fanon Wiki

Section 1: Downstairs (Play time 7-17 mins)

You appear on the deck outside, downstairs at the base of the steps. There is a Cooler on the railing. Pick it up. You’ll need it later.

Once you have the cooler, enter the downstairs apartment. You’ll realize that there is no one up down here. There is a yellow couch along the wall (with the Scarf outfit on it) and a sewing table in the middle with a sewing machine out. You can try to enter the bedroom, but your character will only say “IT’S LOCKED” and nothing will happen. (These people take their sleeping seriously.) Look at the ceiling. There’s a tattered green Parachute hanging off the side of the ceiling fan. You can try to jump onto the couch and bounce up to it, but it will be just out of your reach. What you need to do is pull the lever on the side of the couch to pull up the footrest. Bounce off that and you can reach the parachute! Equip it immediately.

Then walk out to the back deck. (Warning: This will not work if you have not equipped the parachute!) You will see a sandbox, easel, red rope swing, and green trapeze out there. (Ultra child’s quarters.) There is a note on the easel you should click on. It says “Hi Mommy and Daddy, I’m down at the parking pad if you need me or decide to give me that cookie I wanted needed. Love, Claire. OOOOOO no X’s.” That’s a clue for later!

Climb on the easel and jump off. You will go sprawling on the ground! This is just a parachute test. Your character will say “IT DOESN’T WORK. I WONDER WHAT I COULD DO TO FIX THIS…”

Go back inside. Keep the parachute equipped! Click on the sewing machine. Your character will lay down the Parachute and will grin. After that, you will find a zoomed-in version of the sewing machine and a counting-down timer from two minutes. This is a little easy mini-game to get the sewing machine ready for fixing up your good old lime-colored friend. There is a small drawer on the bottom of the table. Click on it. You’ll have to search through dice by clicking on a die, then clicking a LEFT or RIGHT arrow. If you don’t find the spool of thread in time, don’t worry! You can retry as many times as you want.

If you get the thread (it should take you 1:30 – 1:50 seconds) then quickly tap on the top right of the sewing machine! Move the needle onto the parachute, and watch as it is sewn up. This whole process takes, in total, about 3 minutes to complete.

Then take the Parachute, Note, and Cooler, go up the steps, and enter Section 2: Upstairs.

Section 2: Upstairs (Play time takes 5-15 minutes)

As soon as you reach Upstairs, enter the door. It will be thankfully unlocked. Walk through the kitchen, and you will see a very distressed-looking old lady waving her arms in the air and frowning.

Your character will walk up to her and say “WHAT’S WRONG?” She will respond, “THE FREEZER’S STOPPED WORKING AND ALL OUR FOOD HAS GONE BAD!” She finishes with another dramatic frown and arm-wave. Look in your Items satchel and give her the Cooler. She will thank you by saying “THANK YOU SO MUCH! AS A REWARD, TAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT FROM MY KITCHEN.” She then hurries off, leaving you with a choice of food to do anything with.

Look in the cupboards above the sink (any cupboard, really.) It will trigger the start of a second minigame, also with a 2-minute timer. You will have to scramble through the cupboards and use the same LEFT-RIGHT arrows to move things. Find eggs, flour sugar, milk, a blender, and a large black mixing bowl. Like last time with the sewing machine, this takes about 1:30 – 1:50 seconds. Then, quickly click the ON button on the blender! The ingredients will mix in the mixing bowl. An exaggerated mess of flying batter should go everywhere.

(Hint to why we’re doing this: Remember the note on the easel!)

Then, somehow (magically) your character will complete the rest for you. A golden-brown Cookie will fly to your satchel. Then, exit Upstairs and go down to the Parking Pad.

Section 3: Parking Pad (Play time takes 1-4 minutes)

Go down the slope to the Parking Pad. There is an unlit bonfire circle in the center. There you will find a young girl, maybe 9 or 10, crying. Your character will ask her “WHAT’S WRONG?” She will respond, “MY PARENTS WOULDN’T GIVE ME A COOKIE AND I NEVER GET TO HAVE TREATS!” Open your ITEMS satchel again and give her the Cookie. She will thank you and tells you, “WILL YOU GO CHECK ON MY PARENTS? THEY’RE ALWAYS UP BY NOW.” Your character will agree. Before you leave, pick up the Lighter from inside the bonfire circle. Exit the Parking Pad and go back down to Downstairs.

Section 4: Downstairs 2 (Play time takes 1-4 minutes)

After you enter Downstairs, you will see that it looks a lot different. The bedroom door is open and the lights are all on. There is a man frowning and a woman crying in the center of the kitchen. As usual, your character will go over and ask them what’s wrong. The woman is crying too hard to answer, so the man explains, “MY WIFE BETHANY IS CRAVING A HAMBURGER BUT THE GRILL IS IN THE MIDDLE OF A SWARM OF BIRDS, SO IT CAN’T BE COOKED! CAN YOU HELP? ALSO, I CAN’T FIND THE LIGHTER I BORROWED FROM DENNY!” You will see the HAMBURGER MEAT go into your satchel. Then give the man the Lighter. He will thank you as usual.

Then, exit Downstairs.

Section 5: Deck and Exercise Area (Play time takes 4-13 minutes)

Go up the steps and around. Don’t enter Upstairs or go down to the Parking Pad, where Claire is eating her cookie (if you click on her, she’ll only thank you again). Take a right-hand turn once you pass the Upstairs door. Around the corner, you’ll see a furious swarm of angry birds surrounding a grill on all sides! If you go up to them, they’ll knock you back. (See, this is what Bethany and her husband meant.) There is some deck area you can stand on without running into the birds. There is an area beneath the house that you need to get to. While standing on the non-birds deck area, equip the Parachute again. Jump off the sill and the wind will blow you onto the Exercise Area. There is a pull-up bar, a sit-up machine, mats for sitting on, an exercise bike, and some other things. (This has nothing to do with the actual game, but if you click on the exercise bike, you can collect the Gym Clothes outfit. Also, in a leaf pile under the bike, you can read a note from Claire that says “Hi Daddy, I hope you are having a good workout. This is Claire, your 9-year-old daughter. P.S. If you are not Brian Smith, put this note back where you found it.” This mentions the name of Bethany’s husband, but it is not essential to the game.)

Then walk off the side of the Exercise Area. Yes, you heard me right. Once you’re safely on the mountainside, you will get pulled into a third two-minute minigame. This one involves scavenging through brush to find a bag of Birdseed, once again using our trusty LEFT and RIGHT arrows. This should take the full two minutes, and there’s no after-the-item-is-found post-activity prep for what will happen next.

After you find the Birdseed, you’re done here – equip the Parachute again and you’ll get blown back up to outside the Upstairs door.

Section 6: Upstairs 2 (Play time takes 4-13 minutes)

Enter Upstairs. Once you enter, you will see the old woman lounging on the couch. (Beside her, you will find the Lounging Jacket outfit.) A grumpy-looking old man will come down a set of steps, saying, “SALLY, MY BEST PUTTER’S MISSING.” Then he will leave, back up the steps again.

Don’t try to follow! There’s a barricade in the way. It will just throw you back if you click on it, like the birds did. Before you find use for the Birdseed, look in the cabinets underneath the TV. You should find a Metal Detector.

Equip the Metal Detector and click on some boxes beside the fireplace. Yet again, you will be pulled into another glorious minigame that the game has in store for you! This one has the fourth (or fifth – who’s counting?) two-minute timer. Come on, Poptropica, give us some variety!

This game requires you to scan the boxes with the Metal Detector, trying to find a glimpse of metal. There is a button on the detector that is blue when you’re far away, purple when you’re fairly far away, pink when you’re warm, crimson when you’re hot, and flashing bright red if you’ve found it! Then, you will exit the minigame and the Golf Club will go to your satchel.

Give the club to Sally. She will praise you and say, “I CAN’T WAIT TO GIVE THIS TO DENNY!” Then she vanishes up the steps.

Exit Upstairs and return to the Deck.

Section 7: Deck 2 (Play time takes 1-4 minutes)

Enter the Deck again. Stand where you parachuted from and equip the Birdseed. Your character will throw it over the side and say, “COME AND GET IT!” The birds will fly from around the grill and instead swarm around the Exercise Area.

This is the desired outcome. Walk over to the Grill and equip the Hamburger Meat. Click on the Grill. Within seconds the hamburger will be brown and sizzling.

Take the Cooked Hamburger and exit the Deck.

Section 8: Downstairs 3 (Play time takes 1-2 minutes)

Go downstairs and give the COOKED HAMBURGER to Bethany. She will thank you vigorously. Her husband will say, “I’M PROUD OF HOW MUCH YOU HELPED THIS FAMILY. YOU HAVE OUR TRUST.”

The End

Wait for Episode 2!