Master Mystery Island is the hardest island on Poptropica. You are a member of the P.D.O.I (Poptropican Department Of Investagtion) and over the past several weeks,there have been rumors about a new time machine to be built. The next day,you decide to check it out at the Poptropica World's Fair (smillar to the Paris World's Fair). During a explainantion and a test,the genius who created the machine disappears into an unknown time period! Your crew and you go back in time to find the missing genius.

New CharactersEdit

Officer Peterson-The leader of the P.D.O.I. He is part of your team to find the missing genius.

General Marks-Officer Peterson's son. He is part of your team.

Twisted Brain-A friend of Officer Peterson. He is also part of your team.

Shadow The Hedgehog-A neutral Sonic character. He is also part of your team.

Sliver The Hedgehog-A hero Sonic character. He is also part of your team.

Mina Swanny-A grandma that you meet in the 1990s period.

Jailer Timothy-A policeman who arrests you in the 1990s period.

Samthy Geniuswell-The missing genius.

Metal Samthy Geniuswell- A metal version of Samthy created by Dr. E. Negtive in the future.

Dr. E. (Edd) Negtive- Samthy Geniuswell's arch-enemy and the final boss.


  • Go to Master Mystery Island.
  • Walk to the P.D.O.I building and go into it.
  • Talk to Office Peterson. Dialog;You:What's going on? Officer Peterson:The Poptropica World's Fair is starting,and we don't have enough workers to stay alert! You:Can I become a worker? Officer Peterson:I don't see why not. Go to the gates of the World's Fair,I'll meet you there with the other workers.
  • As Officer Peterson said,go to the gates of the World's Fair.
  • Wait about 2 minutes and the team will arrive.
  • Go in the gate when the team arrives.
  • When you get
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