You go on a tour that ends up with you manhunting an embezzler and battling an old enemy in a boathouse

Common roomEdit

Reaper Arcade


  • go into Anubis Family Resturant
  • play archery on the giant target and you will get a tour ticket
  • go outside and play a memory game with the red-haired man and you will get a motel room 6 key
  • go to the door of room 6 on the Andromeda Motel and go inside
  • click on the bed
  • go to Angeltech headquarters wall
  • wait for long tour cutscene to end when guide leaves room
  • click on window without blinds
  • wait for next cutscene to end
  • enter vent
  • fall into conference room by going left
  • apply for manhunt job
  • go into vehicle bay and leave
  • go into Frank`s repair shop and build the trailer compartment

Work in progress


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