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Magic School Bus Island is an island created for Poptropica in 2008. As the reboot show The Magic School Bus Rides Again did not exist, the island is inspired from the original Magic School Bus series, featuring the original characters and similar plotlines to the original episodes. This island is an episodic island in which you go on a field trip with Ms. Frizzle and her class on the Magic School Bus and interact with them along the way.


Episode 1: Meet the Class[]

Once you arrive on the island, you find yourself outside Walkerville Elementary School. Walk to the right and you'll see Dorothy Ann looking upset. Talk to her and she'll tell you that the book she brought about the lesson that day is not in her bag. You must then go to the right to the school playground and you will find it near the swings. Return Dorothy Ann's book and she'll thank you and then invite you to visit her class.

Follow Dorothy Ann into the school and then to the second room on the left. Once there, you get to meet Dorothy Ann's friends and talk with them: you'll find Carlos and Keesha at a desk, Arnold looking at his rock collection, Ralphie and Phoebe at a diorama, Tim at an easel, and Wanda with Liz, the class lizard. Talk to them and you will need to find items for them: Carlos needs a picture of a pyramid, Tim needs a fresh paintbrush, and Phoebe needs a model sphinx for the diorama. Look around the room to the right and you will find the picture of the pyramid on top of the shelf by Ms. Frizzle's desk. The paintbrush is under the bookcase on the left, and the sphinx is on the shelf above the coat rack on the right. Bring the items to each student and they'll explain that they are studying ancient civilizations and the current topic is Egypt.

Suddenly, Ms. Frizzle comes flying out of the closet on a sphinx balloon and welcomes you as a guest on the class's next field trip. Follow the class to the Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle will announce that the field trip is a visit to ancient Egypt. Climb on the Magic School Bus and you will receive the island medallion for the first episode.

Episode 2: Welcome to Ancient Egypt![]

The second episode opens with a cutscene in which the Magic School Bus turns into a plane and starts flying for Africa. The next morning, the bus-plane touches down in Egypt, then Ms. Frizzle then turns the bus into a time machine and you and the class are taken back through time to ancient Egypt in the year 1272 B.C.E. The cutscene ends with Ms. Frizzle fitting the bus into her pocket and announcing their current time and location.

Head to the the right with Ms. Frizzle and the class twice and then you will be at the gates of Pi-Rameses, the capital of the New Kingdom, and the guards will ask why you have come. Tell them that you and the class are travelers and have come to behold the wonders of Egypt and they will let you enter.

The first part of the field trip is in the marketplace, which Ms. Frizzle explains is where most of the population of ancient Egypt; the peasants and working class, congregate for work and education.