Plot Summary

At PASA,in a peaceful day, an alarm sound comes from the computer. Only Director Mcnabb is in the headquarters so he looks at the computer. The alarm was sent by Salerno! Mcnabb looks at the computer and sees Salerno captured by aliens. The only person he knows that could help is you. You come to PASA headquarters. Mcnabb explains the mission. You get into the rocket and fly to space. You go back to Moon to enter the portal but the portal appears to be closed and can't open with the switch. Now, your job is to find the planet. After a lot of search, you find the planet called Wasdfg. The planet is full of bad aliens but there is only one good alien. Treyoyu. She hates how aliens react to poptropicans and she wants to help you save Salerno. She says you need to find 10 crystals scattered in other islands of Poptropica. You collect them and get to Salerno's cage. You use the crystals and Salerno is free. All you have to do is run! Treyoyu wants to come with Salerno and you so she runs with you. You get back to the rocket and you get back to Poptropica. Director Mcnabb gives you the island medallion.





Director Mcnabb

A lot of aliens

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