Ghost Town Island is the scariest island. It is where you are a explorer and you find out that other explorers have heard about a treasure somewhere in a secret town. The N.A.T. (National Explorer Team) has send you to take a look around. But after you enter... the gates shut! Your trapped in! You must find a way to survive the mysteries and secrets of this ghost town, and find the treasure before it's too late!


  • Watch the news
  • Talk to your boss
  • Fly to the Ghost Town
  • Enter the gate
  • Watch the gate shut
  • Go next to the house
  • Find some sticks
  • Go to the back of the house
  • Find some cloth
  • Set up a camp
  • Hear ghosts talking to you
  • Have a nightmare about being killed
  • Wake up
  • See a ghost
  • Sneak into the house where the ghost is
  • Sneak fast or you die
  • Go up to the top floor
  • See the ghost
  • See a man coming out of a ghost costume
  • It's your boss!
  • Throw your extra stick at the big big light
  • If you miss you die
  • The big big light will fall on your boss and he will break his back
  • Arrest him
  • Take the treasure to N.A.T.
  • You become Director
  • Get your medal
  • You win!
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