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Forest Leaflarks Island: An island where you get hired to a job. After the job hire thing, your boss tells you about the forest. Your player either says "Huh?", "What's it called?" or "Tell me more about this whole forest thing." Then if you said the first answer, he says "Oh yeah. Forgot to tell ya." Then you pick again. If you picked the second one, he says "Forest Leaflarks. It's a newly discovered forest." Then, you pick again. You say "Oh. Cool." If you picked the third one, he will say "Well, it's new. And barely anything is known about it. So wanna explore?" You say "Sure!". He will say "Here have this map." He will give you a map which will be used the quickly transport from home to Leaflarks. When you explore in the forest, you will see more on the map; this is simular to [[Mystery of the Map]] where you have the map teleport thing. He will also say, "In case you screw up, here's my phone. My phone is So after, you need to either walk over there, (It's pretty far, you need to go across town) or use that map. When you get there, you will see some gorillas who will smack you so you will get pushed. Dodge those, pass the ad thing, then here's where the danger comes. There's a bunch of traps. When you get near them, an explamation mark will appear. If you go near enough, a sound will activate and a bunch of guards will appear. You will get your scared emotion and have to restart. Once you go pass that, you fall into a pit. Then you discover something intresting. You will say "Woah." The thing that you woah to is the Crystal God. That's something you will be interacting with. The CG tells you, "Power is within you." You say, "Huh?" The CG continues. It says, "I see you have avoided the dangerous traps." You get double woahed and woah again. You ask, "What is this place?" CG replies,"This is the crystal realm." You woah for the third time and figure that the guards blocked me from here. The rest is to be continued.