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Check out the newest island ELEMENT ISLAND!


You arrive on Element Island when you witness a battle between the Elements: Fire against Water and Air against Earth. They will not stop. A kid named Elemental Ernie runs up to you and asks you to make them stop.

Your dialog is:

You: What's going on?!

Ernie: The Elements are fighting!

You: How can I help?

Ernie: You can start by learning the elements Water, Fire, Air, Earth, then the final elements: Shadow and Light.

You: Show me where to learn Water.

Ernie: Go see Master Mizu at the Waterfall. He will tell you what to do.

You: Thanks.

You then travel left until you reach the waterfall. You see nothing but water and a guard. He says:

Guard: HALT WHO GOES THERE. You need a pass to go in.

You go back to Ernie who gives you a pass.

You travel back to the waterfall and use the pass.

He leads you to Mizu. Mizu trains you until you master it.

He gives you a belt and puts a Water badge on it.

He tells you where to find the Air Master Tei.

To get to his chamber you MUST use the water element to climb the waterfall.

Then you must jump up the clouds until you see a HUGE cloud castle.

(You are able to walk on clouds because they are partly water.)

Tei welcomes you and trains you.

He gives you an Air badge.

He shows you the fire academy. Which is inside a volcano.

You have to go inside the volcano and use Air to molten the Lava.

Fire Master Kaki welcomes you as well but has MUCH harsher training.

He gives you a fire badge and shows you the undergroud earth academy.

Master Yochi sees your badges and let's you in on one condition.

You beat him in an Element duel. After you beat him he trains you.

He gives you the earth badge and shows you the light academy.

Mistress Ranpu teaches you as quick as a flash and gives you a light badge.

She shows you the dark academy and how to get there.

You have to use light to find your way through a maze to get there.

Mistress Kumori teaches you shadow but won't let you leave until you beat her in a duel.

You go back to Ernie and battle the elements one by one.

Once you win Ernie gives you a medal and 500 credits.

You may come back anytime and reduel people.


  • Every teachers name actually means the element they teach. EX: Tei means Air in Japan.