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Dr. Big Hands
"I can finally return home!"
"I can finally return home!"
Species Poptropican
Island Dimensional Warp Island
Character Type Friend (previously Antagonist)
Gender Male

Dr. Big Hands is a scientist from the 1960's who tried to take over the world by accessing a Dinosaur dimension. He resided on Dimensional Warp Island. He planned to hypnotize the dinosaurs, and bring them into the Poptropica dimension. However, he mysteriously disappeared.

Later in Dimensional Warp Island, you find him trapped inside the Dinosaur dimension. The years there had changed him, and he has given up trying to take over the world.


Dr. Big Hands is feeble, being stranded in the Dinosaur dimension for years. He wants mostly to get home, but is courageous nonetheless and wants to finish what's been started.

He has white hair with black tips and a black mustache. Perhaps the most notable characteristic is his abnormally large hands.


You'll learn about Big Hands on a school computer inside the Computer Lab. Mavis Deacon is reading an article about him.

In 1960, Dr. Big Hands attempted to open a portal to another dimension - a dinosaur dimension. He planned to hypnotize the entire population of the dimension and take over the world with a prehistoric army. Once his lab was explored and disassembled, no one could find Big Hands. He disappeared, and has never been seen since.

Later, in the dinosaur dimension, you find the doctor, though much older and quite scruffy looking. He tells you that he was stuck in the dimension the whole time, and that you had made a terrible mistake coming. You say that it's ok, and that you have a teleporter back home. He asks where you got the teleporter, and you say Doctor Proctor. He mutters "Oh no," just as the teleporter flies out of your hand and floats above you. It then remotely opens a portal to the real world, and Doctor Proctor jumps out.