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Dimensional Warp Island Resources

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A giant explosion. Three mutated creatures. Where did they come from? The secret lies within the portal...

Plot Summary[]


You land on the island, and immediately the top of an apartment tower explodes, releasing purple energy. Following that, three monstrous creators crawl out of the building and into various places around Main Street. Before figuring out what's going on, you need to round up the monsters. After doing so, you can go up to the top floor of the apartment. You find Doctor Proctor, who tells you that he made a grave mistake and that he needs you to go fix it: three portals to other dimensions were opened, and you need to go from one to the next to close them all up. After going through all dimensions, closing the portals behind you, you find Dr. Big Hands, a lost scientist. He tells you that Doctor Proctor used his research to open the portals. Doctor Proctor then enters, and explains his evil plan: in the last dimension (the on you're in, the Dinosaur dimension), he plans to hypnotize the population and take over the world with his prehistoric army! After defeating Proctor, you are awarded the island medallion from Mayor Montgomery.