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Adventures in Poptropica is a show starring Squeezy Fox and his sister, Floppy Rabbit. The show is about them exploring Poptropica and helping people out on each island.

Episode List[]

  1. Early Poptropica Island
  2. Shark Tooth Island
  3. Time Tangled Island
  4. 24 Carrot Island
  5. Super Power Island
  6. Spy Island
  7. Nabooti Island
  8. Big Nate Island
  9. Astro-Knights Island
  10. Counterfeit Island
  11. Reality TV Island
  12. Mythology Island
  13. Skullduggery Island
  14. Steamworks Island
  15. Cryptids Island
  16. Wild West Island
  17. Shrink Ray Island
  18. Mystery Train Island
  19. Game Show Island
  20. Scrambled Seuss Island
  21. Wimpy Boardwalk
  22. Super Villain Island
  23. Back Lot Island
  24. Hamsterball Island
  25. Return to Reality TV Island
  26. Mocktropica


  • Besides Mythology and Skullduggery Islands, all the canon islands in the episode list have been visited by hr.
  • Scrambled Seuss Island has to take place before Super Villain Island, because Dr. Hare is still evil. His evil was removed in the Super Villain Island episode.
  • In Return to Reality TV Island, we learn that Squeezy and Floppy consider Reality TV Island to be their home island.
  • Floppy Rabbit was introduced in 24 Carrot Island, where her brother Squeezy Fox freed her from Dr. Hare's mind control.
  • Scrambled Seuss and Hamsterball Islands are not canon islands. They were created by hr.