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"Same old, same old. That Tony ALWAYS thinks he has the answer to his failed machine. And is it right? Never!" - Adam Spark in Tony Quickfire's debut cutscene.

Adam when you meet him outside the Inventors United building.

Adam Spark is a character and the secret antagonist of Clockwork Island.

Relevance to Plot[]

The player first sees Adam outside the Inventor's United building. Adam tells the player that if they want to enter the building, they'll have to look like an inventor. Adam then lets the player costumize his shirt and leggings. Tony also gives the player a fake soul patch to put on their chin. Adam then follows the player into the building, where they meet Tony. Adam then says the page quote, before picking a table for him and the player to sit at. Tony then start chatting about his invention. The Stabilizer, an automatic wood carver. Tony attempts to demonstrate, but the machine breaks and gives Tony half a wooden horse on a wooden plate. Tony just shrugs while most of the people in the building laugh. Tony excuses himself from the table and walks off.

When Adam and the player leaves the building, Adam is accused by the police for robbery. Adam denies, causing him and the player to have to escape. Conveniently, they end up in Tony's hideout where they find out that Adam being accused of robbery was part of a plan to frame him. They are then confronted by Tony. Adam escapes, but the player doesn't get out quickly and fights Tony. Tony is then arrested by the "police".

Adam later finds out that the "police" were just some of Tony's pawns (AKA the people who didn't laugh at him) which means that Tony is still on the loose. Adam is then knocked by unconscious by a brick which turns out to be thrown by Tony. Adam wakes up mid-battle and runs off somewhere. The player then finds Adam in control of a plane, so he flies the player up to an airship piloted by Tony. The player defeats Tony, but the plane "accidently" enters a self destruct mode.

It turns out, Adam HAD committed robbery, and the self destruct sequence on the plane was a plan to kill the player. Adam is arrested soon after, but not before giving the player the island medal.